Project Transport

Project Transportation – Customer Specific Solutions

Project logistics is a critical and complex job. It requires an advanced and subtle planning, sophisticated transportation concept and special equipment. Our experienced specialist team at Mirport has all skills to answer your questions and manage and help with these effectively.

We always think about the smartest routes and most affordable cargo configurations for you through the logistic chain.

Mirport offers project specific risk analysis and QHSSE plans. We share your values on health, safety and environment and implement a good corporate citizenship.

Mirport renders services to Siberia, Central Russia and Caspian region with riverboats via Volga, Don, Neva and Kama rivers 8 months a year as long as weather conditions permit. This route is cost-effective and applicable in case road or rail transport is expensive or restricted.

Sea and river-going ship brokerage: Regular shipments from Turkish ports to Caspian Sea region with river-going ships.

Project Transportation & Management: INTERMODAL (Ship + Truck / Ship + Train) transportation and project management with respect to project transportations in transit from Turkey or 3rd countries to Caspian region.


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